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Black Fly

from Night Lights by Ethan J Perry

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Bratteola cadat apud (Golden leaf)
Me pedis (Falls at my feat)
Ab flammoribus (From the flames)
Arboris autumnalis (Of autumn trees)
Voce me nominem (Call my name)
Vene mihi (Come for me)
Cujus corem (Who's heart)
Mansue facisti (You've tamed)
Cujus crus ad genu (Who's legs you've bent)
Curvisti (At their knees)

Viola, viola (Break, break)
meum cordem iterum (My heart again)
Dolor incedat (Let the pain come in)
Non est postea (There is no after)
Procella, procella in (Storm, storm)
Itinere incedat (Comes marchin' in)
Sed ego surdus ventui (But I am deaf to its wind)
Cum strepidos et (Both to its fearful thunder)
Insanus visus (And its mad laughter)

Procella venit (The storm comes in)
Curvat membra (It bends the limbs)
Arbores tremet (The trees, they quake)
Et horreat et concuitiet (Shiver, & shake)
et me ventus frigidus (& I am told)
narrat (By the wind so cold)
sedere (To sit)
patientem (Patient)
manere (& wait)

Take, take my hand again
Stroke my hair like the wind
No it's not the end
No it isn't over
No me quitte pas, Lover
My Lover, Infinite

Red rose on the stone
Like a drop of blood in snow
Like your pale face frames your crimson lips
You, so full of grace
You, the marching saint in lace
Without You
I'm forever dead in sin

Love, take me back again
Say it's not the end
Say it isn't over
Do you remember when
The music first began
& all the other dancers
Looked much older?

Mist meekly marches in
Commanded by the wind
Swirlin' so swift
Sends the leaves of flame
To their unmarked grave
Condemned never again to lift

Black fly in the web
Web in the wind
I wonder while the spider
Spirals & spins
Fog horn blowing low
From a ghostly sick shadow
Of a ship

Break, Break
My heart again
Help me understand
There is no other

Burn, burn
This house down again
Help me understand
You are my only lover

Destroy me name by name
Find me naked in my shame
You are my only Love

Rage, rain
Both night and day
Cover the town
In shades of grey
Let me hear you say
Jealous things
Like lovers pray


from Night Lights, track released October 22, 2010
Arranged By: Tim Bell, Rachel Silker, & Ethan J Perry
Ethan J Perry - vocals
Tim Bell - pipe organ
Orelia String Quartet - strings


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Ethan J Perry Seattle, Washington

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